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Why Online Press Releases...

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Fast Rankings

It's no secret that press releases often produce fast rankings, but with our training and manual SEO done on every multi media press release you can expect sticky rankings too.

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Press Release traffic is highly targeted due to being News...Learn how to multiply this with the ability to create fast, compelling headlines and content using our free tools!

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We have case studies with over 800,000 hits to a single press release and many more over 100,000. These are NOT freak results, this is the power of online press releases!

Low Cost!

Because we use press releases too, we wanted to create an affordable press release distribution service that didnt cost an arm and a leg, or had to use up all credits in each month. We are the lowest in the industry and we are constantly finding innovative ways of improving our service too!

This Is An Accurate Distribution List!

As of 31 January 2015

This Is a Time Limited Special Offer!

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Ultimate Package
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Multi Media Press Releases!

Using video with press releases is a powerful combo, you can use multi media press releases with us and we wont charge you extra for it!...

Manual SEO On Every Press Release Submitted!

It's not just low prices that make us stand out from our competitors, we actually have an SEO team in place to do manual SEO on every single press release that is published!...

Manual Video Marketing For Every Press Release Submitted

We are SEO and Big Video marketers ourselves and we use our unique strategies, insights and experience to boost every press release with our own unique video optimization strategies...

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It's not just price that sets us apart, its the personal care and attention that is given to every single press release submitted via Massmedia SEO, and this is something that No One Else Is Doing!...

"I have been using press releases for over 3 years now with other companies and always found the high costs hard to swallow, even though I found press releases to be very effective.

I am SO Glad I stumbled upon MassMedia SEO as they are the best value in the business, they pay attention to every press release I submit and even do manual SEO to make sure the rankings stick!

Awesome service! Don't be fooled by so called bigger names, these guys are the best by far for value, service and actually caring"

Robert Kelley

"I have been using the press release distribution service for over a year. And I believe it is a critical component to our success as an affiliate marketer and with our clients. Each time we distribute a press release, we know it is reviewed to ensure the best distribution possible. We consistently get over 55+ and as high as 100+ sites carrying our press release. And these are major news outlets across the United States. In fact we have also had 100% Google News presence. Over time, we have also found that our press release gets syndicated to other news outlets as well. Our communications with the team have been great. Any issues have been addressed quickly. This is one service, I never question the value."

Myra Love

"When i first saw the webinar with Anthony Hayes and Robert Stone and saw the initial prices for massmedia SEO i instantly thought it had to be an inferior service, but the webinar was so good i had to try the service to find out for sure. I was shocked at the amount of work these guys put into their service and the distribution keeps improving too as Anthony said it would on the webinar.

This is a must have for every SEO campaign you do and should be on every online marketers list for best value services that you would never give up"

Steve Jenkins

"Guys you really need to give this service a good and hard look. This service is a super star. In my first release, they got on line with me and helped me to fix any small errors in submission. Now, talk about service!!!!

But even if you are a press release star, they make this too easy. Couple this with other backlinking techniques and I truly believe that you'll be unstoppable.BTW, a quick disclaimer-------- I'm not the owner of this product but a really happy customer!"


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